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Handwriting Self Check

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Kids make a lot of changes with their handwriting legibility when they are aware of the expectation and know that they will need to fix what the teacher can’t read or that doesn’t meet the teacher’s expectation. For those kids, it makes sense for them to check their own work before turning it in, but they may need a reminder of the expectation.


I have made myself a little self-check tool that can be placed on the student’s desk. Included in the self check are reminders to see if their writing is legible, letters on the line, correct spacing and punctuation, size of letters, and using capital letters.

Make sure the student knows what the expectations are for each area and what each part means. Then they can look back at it as a reminder and check their work to see if they need to fix anything before turning it in.

You can download this for free here on Therapy Fun Zone.


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