My new favorite fine motor toy: connect 4 on the run

I was picking up some sidewalk chalk at the store the other day and just happened to look at this little Connect Four Fun On the Run Game.  It is connect 4, which is already a great fine motor game as I discussed in another post, but this new one is smaller, with smaller pieces that require more precise fine motor control to pull them out of the piece holder, and put them into the game spaces. I think that {Read More}

Cardboard Bricks

These cardboard bricks are a large motor building toy that creates fun during other activities by incorporating the building and knocking down element. The best part about these bricks is that they are so much fun to knock down. When building with these bricks, a young child has to use both hands because the bricks are so big. An adult is able to do it one handed, although two hands could be required in the game. Building makes you move {Read More}


The Kid-O Bilibo is a toy that is the shape of a turtle shell. It reminds me of one of the large pieces of equipment that I use in therapy to balance on, but on a much smaller scale. It couldn’t be used exactly the same, but it has its own uses, and imagination can create many more uses. I would use it for balancing in and on. Sitting in it, it acts like a boat and can help work {Read More}

Shopping Cart

A toy shopping cart is a very necessary piece of equipment when working with pediatrics. It can be used for many things during imaginative play, and makes the child forget that they are working. When you go shopping, you can work on walking with the cart assisting. You will have to squat to pick up things off of the floor, or reach up high to get things off of a high shelf. You can work on upper extremity strengthening depending {Read More}


Tinkertoys are a construction toy that uses sticks and wheels. The wheels have holes in them for the sticks to go into. There are multiple holes for multiple sticks and positions. It is almost like doing pegs with a purpose, except that with tinkertoys you use both hands to put the pieces together rather than one hand to put a peg in a hole. The ends of the sticks have notches in them that flat pieces can go into as {Read More}