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The Kid-O Bilibo is a toy that is the shape of a turtle shell. It reminds me of one of the large pieces of equipment that I use in therapy to balance on, but on a much smaller scale. It couldn’t be used exactly the same, but it has its own uses, and imagination can create many more uses.

kid o bilibo 2

I would use it for balancing in and on. Sitting in it, it acts like a boat and can help work on righting and protective responses. It would be a great place to go play fishing from, using a magnetic fishing pole, with the “boat” moving on the waves.

kid o bilibo 1

It would make a good storage space or pretend shopping cart. Heavy work can be done by pushing it around when loaded up. That makes for good squatting and lower extremity strengthening as well as good upper extremity strengthening.

If you turn it over, it is almost like a mountain to stand on and balance on. It would be a good place to practice standing while playing a bean bag toss game.

There are many possibilities built into the simple shape and design, and it is not an outrageously expensive piece of therapy equipment.


  • Trunk control
  • Upper extremity strength
  • Lower extremity strength
  • Sitting balance
  • Heavy work
  • Standing balance

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Tonya is a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and loves creating things to work on skills and solve problems.

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