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Fun Fine Motor Turkey Activities

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so it is a great time to use turkey crafts in your therapy sessions. Most of these turkey  crafts/activities work on fine motor skills, and some incorporate writing into the activity in the form of writing about what you are thankful for.


Mama OT has a really cute bottle turkey that works on fine motor skills by putting feathers into holes. Go check it out at MamaOT.

water bottle turkey

A perfect opportunity to practice writing is to write down things that you are thankful for.  Print out the turkey template with lines on the feathers to help practice writing on the lines.


Another great fine motor activity is buttoning, and what a perfect way to work on buttoning than to button feathers onto a felt turkey.  Check it out.

turkey-busy-bagGolf tees are great for fine motor work, so combine them with play dough and you can put the golf tee feathers into the turkey.  Check it out at I Can Teach My Child.


You can make turkey feathers out of leaves, and then put the leaves onto pine cones to make cute little turkeys.  But even better for fine motor skills are the pine cone turkeys that use pipe cleaners and beads to make the feathers.  Check it out at Juggling Act Mama.



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