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New Button Pizzas and Patterns to Make Your Own

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The button pizza, sandwich and oreo are so great for working on fine motor and motor planning skills in a fun way.  I ran out of the button food available in the shop quite a while ago, and have found it difficult to find a sewing manufacturer that is affordable.  So I have been developing a way to make the button food that does not require sewing.

I am happy to share that the button food is now available in the shop again.  You can also get the patterns and directions for the pizza, sandwich, and oreo in order to make the button food yourself (with no sewing involved).  Here is the free pattern to make the oreo cookie.


I have a whole book of different button food and activity patterns that I am in the process of developing, and am very excited about them all.  Until the book is ready, you can start with the awesome button pizza.

The no sew process uses hot glue instead of sewing, and is amazingly sturdy. To hold the buttons on, you use either ribbon or pipe cleaner, and just glue the ends between the two pieces of felt. There are full directions with the full patterns, and I will need to work on a post detailing how to make them yourself.  Would you also like a video to see how easy it is?








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Tonya is a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and loves creating things to work on skills and solve problems.

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