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My new favorite fine motor toy: connect 4 on the run

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I was picking up some sidewalk chalk at the store the other day and just happened to look at this little Connect Four Fun On the Run Game.  It is connect 4, which is already a great fine motor game as I discussed in another post, but this new one is smaller, with smaller pieces that require more precise fine motor control to pull them out of the piece holder, and put them into the game spaces.


I think that my favorite part about the game is the little side holders for the pieces.  It takes some precision control to pull the little pieces out.  You have to grasp the pieces on the sides between your thumb and index finger to pull them out.


I was pushing them partway out for a little boy that I was treating, and then having him grab them  with his finger and thumb on the top and bottom.


It was fun just pulling the pieces out and putting them into the top.  We did not need to play the game to have a good time with the game, and it challenged his fine motor skills.  It is good for in hand manipulation skills as well by having the client pick up several game pieces at time, hold them all in one hand, and putt the pieces into the game one at a time while still keeping the other pieces in the same hand.



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  1. Maybe I’ll have to get this, I was afraid of the tiny discs getting all over but I’ll bet my daughter would like them. Have you tried the travel version of perfection? It is kind of hard, but my puzzle loving child worked at it until she could get it. (She runs the timer after all the pieces are in)

    1. I have the travel version of perfection, but I haven’t even opened it yet. I will have to open it and try it out. Thanks for the input.

  2. Connect 4 has been one of my favorites for a long time! But I found this travel version a while ago and had the same thought about the disc dispenser.

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