Therapy Must Be Fun

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Oh My!!  Have Mercy.  I just talked to a parent and she said that last year the therapist that they saw practiced letters all year.  That is all that they did in therapy.  It was totally boring for the child and he still can’t write his letters.  This came about by me stating that I brought my computer to try some practice on it, but when I looked in my computer, I realised that I didn’t have any games loaded, so all we would be able to do is practice some typing which would be too boring.  I said if it’s not fun, why do it, and if it’s not fun, why would I come to work.  The mom said that not all therapists think that way.  I think that it is very sad.  Therapy should be fun, or at the very least, motivating.

So go out there and make it fun!!!

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