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I needed to make a token board for a student that I work with, and thought I would share the template that I created. I have worked with many students that use token systems, but the token boards were always made by the teacher. This student has a general education teacher who is not familiar with the token system, and the behavior that I want to target is very OT based.

Essentially, a token board is a system for rewarding preferred behavior. It is a little card that you can velcro reward shapes onto (I used stars). The student needs to know what behavior you will be rewarding, such as sitting ready, working, paying attention, not putting objects into mouth, etc. Then when the adult working with the child sees the right behavior, they give a token on the board. Once all of the tokens are earned, the child gets a prize, which can be some time at a preferred task, a sticker for a reward chart, or a tiny piece of candy or edible.

I made two templates, one with 6 stars (5 little and 1 big completed) to earn and one with 11 stars (10 little and 1 big completed) to earn, depending on how fast you want the student to earn their reward. For some students, you will want to put a picture of what they are working for in the big star space. I do not want to do that for my student at this time, so I am using the big star instead. You can read more about the token economy system here.

You can download the token board here.

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