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Getting both hands to work together can be fun, and if you add a vertical surface, then you are able to really get some good bimanual practice. A great way to work both hands is to trace around a stencil on a vertical chalk board or white board. You have to hold the stencil/picture up on the board with one hand while tracing around it with the other hand. You can tape a piece of paper up on the board so that after they have traced their picture, they can then color it and write something about it on the paper.

To prepare, you first get a picture you like and print it onto card stock paper so that the template is stiffer than regular paper. Then cut out the picture so that it is ready for the kids to trace around.

I would have the kids trace onto kindergarten paper with the space for a picture at the top and lines at the bottom sot that they can write about their picture on the lines. You can use pictures that are motivating for the kids or that match the theme of the week/month.

Some fun picture ideas are:

  • Clownfish stencil
  • Dinosaurs
  • Snow Man
  • x-mas tree
  • gingerbread man
  • fish
  • flower
  • pet (dog, cat, horse)

Some pictures that I have are in the free printables for cutting, such as the bugs in a jar, clownfish stencil, or the membership packs in the community have some super cute little animals to use. You can find also do a search and find others online.


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Tonya is a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and loves creating things to work on skills and solve problems.

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