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Using the SnapType App

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When you have a student who knows what they want to write but all the years of therapy are not making their writing more legible, you have to try other options. Often when kids have really bad writing with no spacing, they also have trouble reading as the two are very connected. I have one student who has possibly the worst writing I have seen (after years of school and therapy) but he reads very well. I gave him my iPad with the snaptype app to try out, and he immediately read the question and then typed the simple answer.

SnapType is an app that takes a picture of a worksheet. You then tap the blank on the worksheet that you want to write in, and you type in your answer. It is available on either apple products or android products.

SnapType can solve one of the many potential difficulties that kids have in school, so at least you can get that one sorted. It is great for kids who have dysgraphia and struggle to get things written legibly. It is also great for the kids who struggle with writing fast enough to keep up with the class.

The app was created by an Occupational Therapist and has been the perfect modification for so many kids.

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