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Big mouth creature for feeding pom poms to

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You can put manipulatives into any container, but when you make the container into a creature that is hungry, it makes it so much more fun to do the work. I saw this cute little creature on Pinterest, but it originally came from a blog called The Preschool Experiment.  He was so easy to make, and adds some fun to placing objects into a container.

big mouth frog He is made out of a clean parmesan cheese container, and all he needs is pom pom eyes with googly eyes glued on.  I recommend using hot glue or another strong glue because they can pop off easily.  We then fed squinkies to the frog (and I see in the picture that we fed a frog to the frog), and practiced fine motor skills using tweezers and in-hand manipulation by holding a bunch of squinkies at the same time.

big mouth frog 2

You could use pom poms to put in his mouth, or any other small object.  I would also use chopsticks or clothespins to work on some other strengthening. There are loads of manipulative options to choose from such as mini bugs and mini sea creatures.



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