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Using a scooter board is great for strengthening both the arms and the trunk / core.  Sometimes just being on the scooter board is fun all by itself, but other times you need to provide kids with a purpose and motivation to move the scooter board from one place to another.

10 activities to do on a scooterboard

Here is a short list of some fun activities to do while on the scooter board.

  • Body Bowling.  Set up bowling pins at one end of the room, and have the child ride the scooter board down to knock them over.
  • Fishing.  Scatter magnetic fish around the floor and have the child go find them all.
  • Superman catch.
  • Pull the child around with a rope or a hula hoop.
  • Do a puzzle.  Have the puzzle pieces at one end of the room, and the puzzle board at the other end.
  • Sorting.  Have bean bags or other objects at one end of the room that can be sorted into containers at the other end of the room.
  • Shopping.  Place play food around the room, and you tell them what they need to find and get.
  • Obstacle course of things you need to scoot around.
  • Place cones around the room, and give the child ping pong balls that they have to place on top of the cones.
  • Follow a path of tape placed on the floor.


  • Scooterboard


  • Upper extremity strengthening
  • core strengthening
  • sensory-motor — proprioception and vestibular
  • motor planning
  • bimanual
  • visual perceptual – visual scanning

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