OT Life Hacks: #OTtips

In Occupational Therapy, our whole job is centered on making life a little easier and making sure that people can be successful.  Most of what I post about are activities to work on specific problem areas, but I have posted a few things that could be considered general life hacks.  Most of my tips are related to kids since I work with and spend most of my time with kids.  This month several OT associations are having an #OTLifeHack campaign {Read More}

Home Made Table Ice Hockey Game

This game takes a bit of time to put together, but it isn’t hard, and the materials are quite cheap.  I made the game originally to play in the pool, but I think that it actually works better played on a table, and I think that it would be fun to play it out in the snow too.  It is essentially like an air hockey table, but without air.  The puck can be a large piece of ice, or a {Read More}

Pool Noodle Javelin Throw

When working on visual motor skills, you can work on building accuracy with being able to hit a target. I used a pool noodle that I duct taped together into a circle. Then I hung it from a command hook over an archway. We then used a pool noodle cut in half as a javelin. To increase the challenge, we made the circle swing from side to side, and then tried to get the javelin in through the hole. To {Read More}

Pool Noodle Batting and Hitting Suspended Balls

Pool noodles make great bats, and have several factors that make them perfect for the job in therapy. You can cut them to just the right length for the person using them They are soft so if you get hit by it, it won’t hurt you They are fat, which makes it easier to hold on to for some people I like to use a balloon or beach ball, or even suspend a ball with a string for the student {Read More}

A Tree Made From A Pool Noodle and Pipe Cleaners

This was kind of a spontaneous activity. I had pool noodles, and I had pipe cleaners that I was planning to use to thread the letter beads onto, so I stuck the pipe cleaners into the pool noodles to make a tree. The tree worked beautifully to thread the beads onto, and the pipe cleaners were really easy to poke into the pool noodle. The pool noodle was even able to stand up by itself. The kids were rushing to {Read More}