When Kids Chew on Pencils

Many kids have a tendency to chew on pencils, and it is not usually a problem (sometimes just gross), but when the chewing becomes extreme, it can become a problem.  In cases that become problematic, you can try to have the student replace the chewing behavior by giving them something to chew on that is more appropriate.  Some people have had success using gum, others may use a water bottle with a bite valve, and others may use a chewable {Read More}

Sensory Painting with Pasta and Edible Paint

When working with a sensory group with food aversions, I needed to make the activities fun as well as give exposure to some of the sensations that go along with food.  I wanted to have the food textures, smells and tastes available while making the activity about creating and not about eating.  I chose cooked pasta as the painting tools/paint brushes.  Then I made edible paint using plain yogurt with Kool-aid added for the color, flavor, and smell. We made {Read More}

The WOW Cup is Really Cool

You see infomercials, and can’t believe all of the claims they have, so when I saw the WOW cup, I got it to test it out and see if it really did work. I have to say, the Wow Cup works, and it is really cool. It does not spill at all, and you sip from the rim just like you would from a regular open cup. In order to drink from it though, you do have to be able {Read More}

Honey Bear Cup

In some therapy circles, the honey bear is an obvious adaptation that is used to help kids learn to drink from a straw. I was unaware of this great use of a honey bear for many many years, and it was kind of a “duh” moment when I learned about using it. You don’t actually have to use a honey bear, and I have used condiment squeeze bottles as well because I did not want to wait until I finished {Read More}

Attaching a Chewy

Many kids benefit from using a chewy as a calming activity, and to use as a replacement for chewing on things that are not good to chew on. So if a child needs a chewy, they need to have it available to them. For kids who are lower functioning, they will not keep the chewy in their pocket and they will break or chew right through the retractable strings that some chewies come with. Some will tolerate wearing a break-away {Read More}