In hand manipulation skills using broken crayons

In order to work on in-hand manipulation skills with some kids, I decided to use little pieces of broken off crayon.  I had them hold two crayons at the same time, one in their palm, and one in their fingers.  Then I had them draw a shape (I had circles and rainbows) with one color, manipulate the crayons in their hand to switch to the next one, and draw with the other color. This was a challenge for all of {Read More}

Using Paper Battleship to Work on Pencil Control

Last week I posted about regular (and mini) battleship games to work on fine motor skills and visual scanning, but have you ever played paper battleship to work on fine motor and writing skills?  Paper battleship is played the same way as regular battleship, but you have paper grids, and you have to use a pencil (or dry erase marker) to mark where your ships are, and where your hits and misses are. Each player needs two grids on the {Read More}

Cootie Catchers re-visited because I love them

Cootie catchers are great fun for kids to play, and they lend themselves very well to the learning environment. I use them in order to have kids work on writing within small designated spaces, and they can be used to work on counting and review. I have re-vamped my cootie catcher templates to include some with fold lines so that it is easier to know how and where to fold them. I usually have the kids write their own words {Read More}

New Writing paper, “Mud Paper” to get letters stuck in the mud

Karen over at Miss Awesomeness uses Lava Paper that she thought up and that I made for her. I have tried the Lava Paper with some of my kids as well, but many of my students had trouble with the “complex” concept of Lava. I know lava is not truly that complex, but many of my kids have autism or are not quite as high functioning as Karen’s kids, and it was not a basic enough concept for them. The {Read More}

New Pencil Adventures with halloween, race car letters and more

I finally completed another set of pencil adventures.  These have been partially done for ages, and I made a big push to finish them completely.  There are 7 of them, and include: The Cafeteria, Hawaiian Vacation, Ski Vacation, Halloween Haunted House, and 3 pages of race tracks that include race track letters to follow. Since Halloween is coming soon, here is the haunted house adventure for you to download for free. The whole pack of Pencil Adventures 9-15 is available {Read More}