Angry Birds Toss Game

Throwing bean bags into a container is great for visual motor control, and even better when you have to aim at a specific target, such as toss across or similar game. I ran across these angry birds dog toys at walmart, and they are the perfect size for throwing at a target. I made a base out of a cardboard box, printed out some angry birds shapes from the internet (I did have to enlarge them first though), and glued {Read More}


When playing dominos in therapy, we don’t usually play the game of dominos . Instead we line them up to knock them over. Lining the dominos up on end requires fine motor precision in getting them to stay in place. It also takes eye hand coordination and visual perceptual skills to get the dominos lined up properly. Then the fun part is knocking them over and seeing them fall down in a row. You can make it simple or detailed {Read More}

Shopping Cart

A toy shopping cart is a very necessary piece of equipment when working with pediatrics. It can be used for many things during imaginative play, and makes the child forget that they are working. When you go shopping, you can work on walking with the cart assisting. You will have to squat to pick up things off of the floor, or reach up high to get things off of a high shelf. You can work on upper extremity strengthening depending {Read More}


Tinkertoys are a construction toy that uses sticks and wheels. The wheels have holes in them for the sticks to go into. There are multiple holes for multiple sticks and positions. It is almost like doing pegs with a purpose, except that with tinkertoys you use both hands to put the pieces together rather than one hand to put a peg in a hole. The ends of the sticks have notches in them that flat pieces can go into as {Read More}

Prone on Therapy Ball

The therapy ball is great for therapy. Don’t you love the obvious. You can turn work on the therapy ball into fun play. Have the client lay on his stomach and you stand by their feet. You roll the ball forward until their hands touch the floor. Keep rolling forward and have them walk their hands forward to pick up a puzzle or game piece that you place out there for them. Then you can roll them back so that they {Read More}