Acorn cutting, tearing, and painting

I love cutting activities that then include other skills, like tearing paper, writing, and q-tip painting.  I have done many different cutting activities, and here is a quick and easy fall cutting activity that can be done in different ways to work on different fine motor skills. We have some acorns to cut out, and then you can tear paper and glue the torn paper pieces onto the acorn for the right colors. It makes a cute little activity. I {Read More}

Spider Craft for Cutting, Folding, gluing, and Writing

Halloween is coming up soon, so I am having the kids make spiders this week.  The spider bodies require cutting out circles, and the legs require cutting rectangles.  You also have to fold the legs on the marked lines, which is a great activity for visual perception and motor planning. I put a light web on the base paper to have the kids trace over it and make their own spider web.  It would be great to follow the web {Read More}

Frog clothespin animal for finger strength

I saw a picture of wooden frog pieces glued onto a clothespin on pinterest, and I thought that it was a great idea, and that I needed to make one for kids to play with when working with Clothespins and finger strengthening. I made the frog picture in photoshop, and then cut him in half.  I then used a low temp glue gun and glued the separate halves onto the clothespin.  I then glued a piece of pipe cleaner along {Read More}

Paper Rainbow Mosaic

A simple activity that I did a few weeks ago is making a paper rainbow mosaic. I drew the rainbow template and cut it out. I then had my student trace around the curved rainbow lines and cut them out of colored construction paper. We then glued the rainbow onto a sheet of white paper, and tore pieces of the colored construction paper and glued them onto the rainbow. This makes the rainbow more interesting, and it incorporates more fine {Read More}

Building Animal Faces With Shapes

I have been working with several kids who have visual perceptual problems, and they have a hard time with some of the simple tasks. I am working on getting back to basics with them so that we can build on it. I wanted to have them put together shapes to make objects, and I made these animals with shapes. I have a bunny since spring is here, and I tried to make animals that used the same shapes so that {Read More}