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Spider Craft for Cutting, Folding, gluing, and Writing

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Halloween is coming up soon, so I am having the kids make spiders this week.  The spider bodies require cutting out circles, and the legs require cutting rectangles.  You also have to fold the legs on the marked lines, which is a great activity for visual perception and motor planning.


I put a light web on the base paper to have the kids trace over it and make their own spider web.  It would be great to follow the web lines in glue and place yarn down too.


Then you put your spider together, and write about spiders on the lines on the base paper.

spider craft front page small

I have included a colored version, and a white version to have your students color their own.



  • fine motor
  • visual perceptual
  • motor planning
  • scissor cutting



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  1. Cute idea; I will use!

    What are those horizontal lines on the left side of the “web” page for?

  2. This is cute; for a spider ;) I found your post at Show-and-Share Saturday. Thank you for sharing!

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