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Kbeu Mom and baby for fine motor skills

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I was sent this K-BEU Mom Pillow and baby to try out and see how it works for the clients that I see.  I have the Kbeu dad available here, and use it for some higher level kids that need a challenge.  I also got a baby when I got the Kbeu dad, and the baby has been a favorite of mine and the kids that I see.  kbeu mom 4

It is easier to put things in its mouth, and to take out again.  It is simple, and works fine motor skills really well.  It is a similar idea to the feed the mouth ball, but it is a plush toy with a mouth opening.  I love using the baby in therapy.

kbeu mom 1

The Kbeu mom is different because it is bigger, and the piece of food that you feed it is a plush lightly stuffed ball.  You put it into the mouth, and push it through with your whole hand, and then pull it through from the other side.  It works the whole hand, and can be a good strengthening activity.

kbeu mom 2

kbeu mom 3

Seeing as the Kbeu mom is large and plush, it can be used in many gross motor activities too, such as throwing and catching.  The legs make it easy to hold onto when catching.

You can visit the website of the creator of these toys at sillycreatures.com


  • fine motor
  • bimanual
  • hand strengthening
  • motor planning

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Tonya is a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and loves creating things to work on skills and solve problems.

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