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Calling all therapy bloggers.  In celebration and commemoration of the new year, let’s have people link up their favorite therapy activity of the year, or you can just link up your blog.

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Motor Planning

Oral Motor

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  1. Great idea. Would be wonderful if we linked up our favorite activities once a month or maybe different themes like the teaching blogs do. Years ago we used to do blog carnivals where a topic was presented and everyone posted on the same topic and we took turns hosting it. Any interest?

    1. I absolutely want to do the blog link up regularly with our favorite activities. I will start it next week, and see how it goes. We’ll see how much interest there is and see how often would be best. Not sure I could handle the blog carnival with a specific topic. I tend to post whatever I feel like it, and can’t seem to do it when someone tells me what I have to post about. :)

      1. Sounds good. I will look for the next link up. The nice thing about the blog carnivals is that when you host you pick the topic. One blogger used to offer a prize for the best post. We could pick very vague topics that way no one will feel too confined on what to write. I found it triggered new ideas/thoughts to write about.

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