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Cardboard Marble Maze

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Here is a low tech visual perceptual marble maze made out of a cardboard box and some straws. This one is fairly simple, but it can be useful for those who have trouble with motor coordination as well as visual perception.

cardboard maze 1

I used a cardboard box and some large “Smoothie Straws”. I glued the straws in place using a warm melt glue gun.

cardboard maze 2

It is not a difficult maze to get through, but works on visual tracking and visual motor coordination, which is difficult for some kids.

cardboard maze 3


  • Cardboard box
  • Straws
  • Hot glue


  • Visual perception
  • Visual tracking
  • Visual motor control
  • motor planning

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  1. Love this! You could also use that with a set of magnets. Put one underneath and one on top in the maze. Have the child use the one underneath to make the one in the maze move around. A little bit more challenging with motor planning.

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