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I Spy Bags

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I spy bags are fabric bags with a vinyl see-through window in them. They are then filled with a filler such as plastic pellets, and small objects are placed inside and sealed up. A child then has to move around the inside pieces to find see all of the objects inside through the little window.

I spy bag 1web

I had my kids make two different no-sew versions of the I spy bag using a large zip-lock bag and duct tape. We filled one of the versions with a goopy squishy substance and the other with rice.

I spy bag 2web

First we picked out little objects that we wanted to use and put them in the bag. (I would recommend double bagging, especially with the wet goopy version)

I spy bag 3web

Next we put in our filler. One of them we used rice, and the other we used dish soap. I think that hair gel would work better as the slimy substance though as it is thicker.

I spy bag 4web

We then used colored duct tape to seal the top and cover everywhere except a square on the bag to see the objects through.

I spy bag 5webI spy bag 6web I spy bag 7web


  • Don’t fill them up too full of rice or goop. If it’s too full, it’s hard to squish around to find the objects.
  • Make sure you get the air out when you seal the bags.
  • Have the clear window on the back where there is no zip-lock logo. Or use a brand with no logo.


  • Large ziplock bags
  • Filler material (rice, plastic pellets, goop, hair gel, dish soap)
  • Duct tape (preferably pretty colors)


  • Fine motor
  • Visual perceptual
  • Motor planning
  • Sensory – tactile

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