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Lego Game, Ramses Pyramid

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My son just bought the Lego Game Ramses Pyramid game with his birthday money and we played it for the first time.

You have to build the pyramid, which is the game board, before you can play the game. It is a very typical Lego building project during this part of the process. It requires following the directions regarding which brick to put where.

lego pyramidweb

Once the Lego game board is put together, then you get to play the game of rolling the dice and moving your little Lego person around the board and up the pyramid.

lego pyramid 2web

This game requires a good ability to follow directions. It works on fine motor skills when you are moving the little Lego guy, and some high level motor planning to rotate the pyramid when it calls for that. It is for ages eight and up, and I would agree with that rating.


  • Fine motor skills
  • Motor planning

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