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Painting With Tiny Sponges

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In my quest to paint with tiny objects, I had some kids paint with tiny cut up sponges. I cut the sponges into tiny pieces so that the kids would have to use a fine precise grasp.

tiny sponges 1web

It worked well, but I used regular kitchen sponges, which squished down too easily between the fingers when picked up. Next time I will use make-up sponges, which are much denser, and I think would make great tools to paint with. You can cut the sponges to any size that you want, in order to achieve the grasp that you are working on.

tiny sponges 2web


  • Sponges (recommend make-up sponges)
  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Water


  • Fine motor

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  1. Love this idea,what a great way to enhance fine motor skills! And makeup sponges! Yes, I would never have thought of using those to paint.

    Thanks for sharing the idea (found you at I Can Teach My Child’s linky party). :)

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