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I had heard good things about the Perplexus maze game, so I got one to use for therapy. If you haven’t seen one before, it is a large clear ball that has a three dimensional platform maze inside of it, and you have to rotate the large ball to move a small steel ball through the maze.

perplexus 1

The maze is very complex and challenging, and you have to rotate the ball carefully to keep the little steel ball from falling off of the platform.


My son does this maze frequently, and would like me to get a more challenging one for him. They also make a junior version called the Perplexus Rookie for younger kids, and a more complex one called the Perplexus Epic .


  • Perplexus maze


  • Motor control and coordination
  • Visual perception

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  1. That looks like one interesting device. Not only it is good for therapy but perfect for developing coordination and balance.

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