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Tying Ribbon to Make a Spring Tree

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I loved the activity that I did where the kids had to tie ribbon onto a stick to make a tree. The activity turned out beautiful, and it really targeted the tying skill, which is usually a pretty difficult skill to attain. Since then, I have been thinking about other activities that would target tying, and I wanted those activities to have a similar quality. I thought that the pretty pink cherry blossoms would lend itself well to this skill.

I started with some pipe cleaners, and attached them together to make what looked like branches. Then I tied pink ribbon on to the branches to look like cherry blossoms. One student that I was working with had great trouble tying the ribbon, so I tied pink and green ribbon together to make the ends two different colors. This two color contrast made it much easier to tie, and was still pretty with the spring green color and pink together. I still needed to hold it in place for him while he tied, but he had much more success with the dual colors.

Once the ribbons were tied onto the tree branches, we cut them short so that they looked more like blossoms.


  • Pipe cleaners
  • Ribbon (pink and green)


  • ADL—tying
  • Visual perception
  • Fine motor

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