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Product Review: Bumbo Seat

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Have you wondered if the Bumbo seat is useful enough to bother getting?

I can’t tell you specifically if it is worth it to you, but I can tell you how I have used it in therapy.

What it does:

It is a little bucket seat that holds a baby’s bottom in a very stable position. The child is then able to stack itself and hold their head and trunk upright without having to worry about holding their hips in position.


I have used it as a therapy tool for kids that do not have very good head control. A child with poor head control should not sit in it for very long, but when we are working on a specific activity one on one, the Bumbo helps hold the child’s hips while I concentrate on his arms and head. Under certain circumstances, it can be of great value during therapy. Of course it only comes in a small size, so it won’t work on the bigger kids.

bumbo seat 2

I like it for working on trunk control too because there are no straps on it so the child has to try to maintain its own posture. It won’t work for kids who are super floppy or have excessive spasticity, but it is great for those with some control, and need a way to work on developing more.  You can also get a tray for it, which makes it even better to have an activity happening on the tray while working on trunk and head control.

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