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Purple Munchy Balls are Here

We just got purple Munchy Balls in stock. They are really cute and I know one specific youngster who will be so excited to hear the news (I haven't told him because I want him to be surprised when he gets his). The purple balls won't be included…
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Swimming for Letters

I played with foam letters with the kids in school where we rolled the dice and then fed the letters to the Munchy Ball, and now that it is summer, we took the game to the pool so that we could swim for the letters. The fun foam letters float,…
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More Kinetic Sand Fun

I posted about Kinetic Sand last year after I saw it at the AOTA conference and fell in love with how fun it was (you can read that post here).  I did not have any of my own at that time, and it was not available in many stores yet.  Since…
fun sensory and fine motor play
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Messy Play and Fine Motor with Munchy Ball

Now that I have the new vinyl Munchy Balls, I was eager to use them in messy play.  I started simple with water beads, which are the perfect size to feed to the Munchy Ball.  It was fun to fill the ball up all the way and then have the ball…
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New Vinyl Munchy Ball for Fine Motor

I am excited that the vinyl Munchy Balls are in the shop and they have great resistance to work on fine motor skills and hand strengthening.  The great thing about them being vinyl balls is that they are washable, which is important when working…
practicing letters with munchy ball
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Fine Motor and Letters With Munchy Ball

I wanted to use the Munchy Ball in a new game with letters so that we could practice writing and build fine motor skills and hand strength at the same time. I started with just cutting foam squares from different colors and writing letters…
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Latex Free washable Munchy Ball

I searched and searched, and cut open a lot of balls to find one that would have a good resistance when squeezing it.  I wanted the ball to be not too difficult, but also not too easy.  I finally found one through a web store that sells printed…
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Different sets of Munchy Balls

I posted a few weeks ago about the games that I have made to play with Munchy Balls (tennis ball heads).  Most people make their own balls, but many people would rather have them ready to go, so I have included some different packs of Munchy…
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Feed the Mouth Ball

I have seen this activity in several places, and decided to try it. It is a tennis ball with a mouth cut into it. You squeeze the ball to open the mouth, and feed objects into the mouth. First, you take a new, clean tennis ball and make…