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More Kinetic Sand Fun

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I posted about Kinetic Sand last year after I saw it at the AOTA conference and fell in love with how fun it was (you can read that post here).  I did not have any of my own at that time, and it was not available in many stores yet.  Since then, I now have some Kinetic sand of my own, and you can find it in many many stores.  I find it so nice and relaxing to run my hands through the sand.  It is great to dig in, build in, and sift through.  The sand sticks to itself, but does not stick to anything else which makes it a relatively clean sand play activity.  Playing in sand is an important sensory experience.  I have found that some kids that I work with do not like the feeling of sand, so need to be introduced to it in a slow, fun way.  Having a box of sand with fun and motivating toys is a good way to introduce the texture of sand to kids that may be resistant to that sensation.


I gave some Munchy Balls to my nephew, and he has become a little bit obsessed with them.  He wants to take it everywhere with him and we feed it everything that we can think of.  When playing with the Kinetic Sand, of course the Munchy Ball wanted to have a taste.  It went into his mouth nicely, and was really cool looking when the Munchy was spitting it back out.  The sand kind of oozed out of the Munchy Ball’s mouth.


This new Munchy Ball will be a wonderful addition to any sensory box.  You can feed him sand, rice, beans, beads, water beads, Jell-o, magnets, foam, rocks, sticks, etc.  The opportunities are endless.  You will see more posts about the Munchy Ball because it has been used in so many activities and situations that I have a lot to share.


Here is a great video that demonstrates the great sensory fun that is Kinetic Sand.



  • Fine Motor
  • hand strength
  • sensory



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