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Here are some excerpts from some OT blogs this week.  Click over to their sites to read the full posts.  I wish I could share them all, but there are too many now, so I had to pick and choose. 

OT iTool Kit Tip and Trick #1 – Creating a Visual Schedule (Sequence) in your iPad Photo Album

from OT’s with Apps by Carol Leynse Harpold, MS, AdEd, OTR/L, ATP

They demonstrated at a training how they have been creating Albums to show sequences of tasks or events, scheduled tasks (yes, just like using a visual schedule) for students using photos taken on the student iPads with iOS 5.  Although we have some  First Then apps on some of the iPad, not all of the devices were provided the app. But being the mother of necessity they created their own way of producing a visual sequence of photos for their students.

How did they do that?? Clever, but easy…

In your Photos icon using iOS5, you have the availability of viewing pictures in Photos or Albums. Select or tap on Albums.

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How to make a weighted glove

from Notes from a Pediatric Occupational Therapist by Abby

Despite my mom’s best intentions and efforts, I do not know how to sew. I came up with a no-sew way to make a weighted glove. The glove I used was too large for the student I had in mind, so it didn’t work out as well as I had hoped, but I thought I’d share it anyway.
The idea behind a weighted glove is similar to a weighted pencil. A weighted glove can provide additional sensory input to the hand for children who need the extra input to be more aware of the position of their hand. I don’t often use weighted gloves because they are expensive and lack research to support their use, but every now and then I get a challenging student that I’m willing to try just about anything.
What you’ll need:

  • velcro
  • some washers
  • a mitten/glove (I found these at Target. I love that it has a button to hold the flap part back and what little boy doesn’t want a Lightning McQueen glove?)

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Marble Painting – More Than Just a Cool Piece of Art

from Starfish Therapies by Starfish Therapies

Ever since I discovered Pinterest I have been bombarding my OT’s at work with ideas that look really fun and purposeful.  The idea I was the most excited about was the marble painting from Play Based Learning, so when one of the OT’s decided to try out this activity for a kiddo to encourage bilateral hand use because he doesn’t like to use 2 hands I was so excited to hear about it and see the final result!  Luckily it was a success as you can see from his finished art work.  And, even better the OT was able to realize other great skills this activity provided the opportunity to practice.  I thought I would share them:

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