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New Pencil Adventures to Work on Pencil Control

I love the pencil adventures and pencil obstacle courses, and love to use them as a warm up or as a pencil control activity for kids who are very reluctant to write. I will frequently just draw out a path for kids to follow spur of the moment, but these pencil adventures are nice to have available to use as a more durable and long standing activity. I like to laminate them and have the kids draw on them with {Read More}

New Pencil Adventures with halloween, race car letters and more

I finally completed another set of pencil adventures.  These have been partially done for ages, and I made a big push to finish them completely.  There are 7 of them, and include: The Cafeteria, Hawaiian Vacation, Ski Vacation, Halloween Haunted House, and 3 pages of race tracks that include race track letters to follow. Since Halloween is coming soon, here is the haunted house adventure for you to download for free. The whole pack of Pencil Adventures 9-15 is available {Read More}

New Pencil Adventures With Dragons and Mummies

I finished making four new pencil adventures, and my son was eager to try them out. While he was doing them, he commented that it was hard to stay on the path, and that his hand was getting tired from working at being so careful. In the dragon adventure, you have to avoid the dragon’s fire and draw circles to capture the dragon and her gold. The Egyptian Adventures are a three part series. In the first one you go {Read More}

Pencil Adventures

When providing Occupational Therapy to kids, I often work on fine motor skills, which includes handwriting skills. I frequently will draw paths for kids to follow with their pencils, and make animals beside the path to make it fun to try to stay on the path and not get eaten. I have made these Pencil Adventures so that practicing pencil control can be fun. Directions: Have the child follow the path.  You may need to tell them where they are {Read More}

New Pencil Obstacle Courses

The Pencil Obstacle Courses are such fun, and are what spurred me on to create the Pencil adventures.  Now there are new obstacle courses that include some hole punching and cutting with scissors.  These are created by Jennifer Dodge, who has an OT website named  Here is all about these new obstacle courses in her words. After only 7 years (WHAT?!), I have finally gotten a second packet of Pencil (Etc) Obstacle Courses ready! I’m excited to share them {Read More}