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Coban on a weighted pencil

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When I was working on making weighted pencils, I bought some Coban (or generic Coban) to try out on the metal coupling nuts.  I didn’t try it because the craft foam worked so well.  I was reminded that I had the Coban, and so I tried it out on the weighted pencil and it works great.  It is very comfortable and has a good texture to hold onto.  Just another thing to have in your available tools to use.

coban on weighted pencil

On a completely different topic, I found some clear chalkboard coating at the craft store and think that it could have a great purpose.  You can use it to paint over your own artwork or other paint to make the surface a chalkboard.  I tried it on some laminated pencil adventures, and it worked well, but since it was on the slick laminated surface, it was easily scratched off.  I am thinking about trying it on some items that are printed on cardstock and not laminated.

chalkboard coating

What do you think I should try it on?


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  1. Love the idea of the Coban. I like the way that feels.

    Interesting idea to use the chalkboard paint for worksheets. Let us know how it goes. Curious to know how much you had to use to cover one page – it is a little pricey.

  2. Coban is great for this idea and folks may also find a less expensive form of elastic wrap at Southern States in the equine department. Thx for sharing! Karen

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