Munchy Ball Dress Up and New Colored Balls

It is fun to have a toy that is personalized and not the same as all of the others. We spent some time last weekend dressing up the Munchy Balls and making them unique. On some of them we used colored sharpies to draw on some permanent changes such as adding red lips, eyelashes, hair, and beards. On some other Munchies, we used craft foam to make funny hair styles and then stuck them on with hot glue. The hot {Read More}

Fine Motor Coordination Speed

We talk a lot about doing fine motor activities and there are a lot of them available. Another aspect of motor ability though is the speed of the motor response. I can see a student’s motor response speed when we play the game with the balls and cup. I roll small bouncy balls across a table and the student has to catch them in a cup as they roll off of the table. The ball and cup game is great {Read More}

Fishing for letters

To work on a combination of skills, I made some fish with letters on them, added some pipe cleaner to make it metallic, and made some fishing poles out of pipe cleaner and magnets.  Fishing is a great way to work on bimanual hand skills, fine motor skills, visual perceptual, and motor planning.  I used a Munchy Ball to hold the fish, so we worked on hand strengthening as well.  The letters on the fish helped us work on writing {Read More}

Fizzing Fine Motor Rocks

I have seen people playing with foaming dough, and decided it would be fun to see what would happen if Munchy Ball was foaming from the mouth. The foaming rock food is made simply by mixing baking soda and water into a paste and making little balls out of it. You then have to let the balls harden over night. First you feed the rock food to the Munchy Ball. Then you need a cup of vinegar or lemon juice. {Read More}

Taste Testing New Foods

When working with kids who are reluctant eaters, they often are afraid to even taste new foods.  They may have had a negative experience at one point with a certain type or flavor of food, and so they avoid trying it again.  I will often start by giving the kids permission to spit it out if they need to just to ease the anxiety related to trying something new.   We then will start with just tasting it by touching it {Read More}