Kinetic Sand

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I went to an Occupational Therapy Conference last week and found a cool new product while I was there. It is called Kinetic Sand, and it is seriously the coolest stuff. It is sand, but it does not act like sand, and it is a wonderful sensory experience to run your hands through. I feel like I could hold it and touch it all day. When I first picked it up, it felt heavier than regular sand. It will squish into a shape, but it won’t hold that shape. When you scoop up a handful, it looks like lava flowing off of your hand in slow motion.  It is hard to tell in the video, but it is really cool.  I kept going back to feel it.

kinetic sand flows through your hands

At the same booth as the Kinetic sand is a dough called Bubber .  It is really light and smooth and feels so good to squish.  I like it better than play doh.


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