Using the Button Sandwich for Sequencing and Writing

I love using the button food for practicing buttoning and working on fine motor and visual perceptual skills. I made some order forms so that the kids can practice writing and sequencing their sandwich toppings as well. The kids can take your order and put the fixings on the sandwich. I also made some sandwich topping cards in order to make random orders of the sandwich toppings. The kids can then copy or write the toppings onto the lines of {Read More}

Seasons Button Tree

I have added another button activity to my arsenal of fun things to button. This one is a seasonal tree, so you can button on the different seasons. It includes white snow for winter, green for spring, orange and red for fall, and fruit of red or orange for summer. The tree itself I made reversible so there is a lush green on one side, and a tan for bare branches on the other side to simulate the seasons. I {Read More}

Weavable Toys by The Recycling OT

I am sure that you have heard of The Recycling OT (and if not, then you need to come play on the internet more).  Barbara’s (the recycling OT) claim to fame, and what she does best is cut up plastic detergent bottles to make toys and activities.  She has a whole book about making recycled therapy activities called The Recycling Occupational Therapist: Hundreds of Simple Therapy Materials You Can Make , and she also has a kindle book about making {Read More}

Using a Visual Barrier When Doing Fine Motor Tasks

The other day I was having a student practicing fastening some buttons, and he was very focused on tugging and pulling, and was not feeling the fabric and button with his fingers. I then covered his hands to try and get him to just feel where the button hole was and try to get the hole to slide onto the button just by feel. Of course, when you try to keep someone from looking at what their hands are doing, {Read More}

I have Button Food and I’m ready to play

Kids love to play pretend, and playing with pretend food is one of the most fun pretend games.  Felt food is fun to play with, but what if you could work on skills at the same time?  It has been about a year and a half since I first posted about my felt button food.  I made myself a button pizza where the kids had to button on the toppings, and I made a sandwich where they button on the {Read More}