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Button Pizza

Kids love playing with pretend felt food, and the Button Felt Food adds some fine motor skill to the fun. The Pizza button food starts with a pizza crust, and the child has the fun of putting the toppings on. There is pepperoni, cheese, and bell pepper that button on to the top of the […]


Button Christmas Tree

It’s fun to work on buttoning when you can play while doing it and there is a cute end to the buttoning. This is a christmas tree that you button the circle ornaments onto. The ornaments are in 5 different colors of red, yellow, blue, purple, and orange. The tree is about 10 inches tall […]


Using the Button Sandwich for Sequencing and Writing

I love using the button food for practicing buttoning and working on fine motor and visual perceptual skills. I made some order forms so that the kids can practice writing and sequencing their sandwich toppings as well. The kids can take your order and put the fixings on the sandwich. I also made some sandwich […]


The Visual Motor Aspect of Buttons and Zippers

Buttoning Progression When you are good at fastening buttons, you can do it with your eyes close, and probably don’t look at all when fastening your pants. It takes some time and practice to get to the point of being able to button completely by touch, and a lot of vision is used when young […]