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App review: Ready to Print

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I got a chance to try out the app Ready to Print over the weekend.  This app just recently came out, and I have wanted to try it out, but sadly, I do not own an iPad.  I hope to remedy that fact as soon as I have some money saved up for it, but in the meantime, my cousin was visiting this weekend, and she brought her iPad (thank you LouAnn).  She is also a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and she has a 3 year old and 6 year old child.  I was able to see how her kids were able to use the app, and try out all of the different functions.  I will definitely be getting this app for my own iPad once I have one.

The app was created by an Occupational Therapist, and it focuses on pre-writing skills, with nine activity types.  The different activities are Touch, Ordered Touch, Matching, Path Following, Shape Tracing, Connect the Dots, Pinching, Letters, and Free Draw.  Each activity type has different levels of the activity inside of it, there is a lot to do.  Below are the descriptions of each section from the app site.

readytoprint1readytoprint2 readytoprint3 readytoprint4 readytoprint5 readytoprint6 readytoprint7 readytoprint8 readytoprint9

I love the pinching activity, and the fact that you can have different profiles to keep track of different people using the app.  The app also measures speed and accuracy in all of the activities so you can have percentages and document progress.

Go check out the apps’ website and find out more about it.

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  1. I love the Ready to Print App. I’ve been using it a lot with my preschool kids. I’ve been using the path following, shape tracing, connect the dots, and pinching activities the most. I’ve had good carryover with having children do the path following on the iPad and then I have them do the same activity on paper. This is definitely my favorite therapy app that I’ve come across so far!

  2. I finally bought it this weekend. I have to say I am happy I did! I really like how easy it is to add users/kids so it will keep their information/stats.

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