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Making Tents and Teepees with Writing Lines

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When playing with the Munchy Ball with a young boy, we worked on making some houses. I tried to have him make a woven stick Teepee such as the one made by Timbernook, but our ground was too hard and we could not pierce it with sticks well enough for them to stay in place in order to do the weaving. So we moved on to craft sticks and duct tape, which worked well to make a tent style house. We just had to line up the craft sticks and attach them with duct tape.  I also made the floor of the tent out of duct tape by folding the tape over on itself and then taping it in place.



We also made some house tents out of fun foam. Then, building on the tent idea, I made a tent out of paper with line designs on it to practice the different style of lines used in writing. To go along with those are also three different teepees with different writing lines versions on them to help decorate the teepee while practicing pencil control.


These tents and teepees will be great for any small toys that have a need of a house. You could also print them out and then laminate them to have them be used over and over again to decorate the tent and teepees with designs.


To make the Teepee, cut out the shape and draw the line designs while it is flat. Then bring the front triangle shapes together and tape them in place. You can also fold the front parts back to make the Teepee front door open.  We went over the lines with different colors to make rainbow writing.




  • Fine motor
  • Visual motor
  • Handwriting



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Tonya is a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and loves creating things to work on skills and solve problems.

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