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Marshmallow Painting for Fine Motor Skills

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Painting is often good therapy, but you can kick it up a notch by using marshmallows as the painting tool. You can grade the type of grip used by using the large marshmallows or the mini marshmallows.

marshmallow painting 1web

You can use regular paint on paper and just dip the marshmallow in and make designs on the paper.

marshmallow painting 2web

I decided to try a fully edible painting activity since our painting tools were edible. I used powdered Jello with a little water added as the paint. Our “paper” was sugar cookies.

marshmallow painting 3web

This is a good activity for kids who avoid foods. Playing with food as a toy is a good way to get kids accustomed to being around different foods. Using the tiny marshmallows helps with achieving a tip pinch, and works on developing a tripod grasp for handwriting.


  • Marshmallows (large and mini)
  • Paint or Jello
  • Paper or sugar cookies


  • Fine-motor
  • Handwriting
  • Sensory

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  1. Just showed the marshmallow paintbrush idea to a home-based early childhood teacher–she loved it!

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