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OT Checklists and Management Forms

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It is time to start back to school, so it is time to get the caseload organized and under control.  It is always a challenge to manage all of the evaluations and ieps, so I am always trying to work out a good system.  I have created some forms that help me, so thought I would share some of them in hopes that they would help you.  I have updated my fine motor evaluation checklist, and added some management forms.


Some of the forms can be found here on the blog, but I updated and added more things, others are new and can’t be found on the blog.  50 pages total, and some are both pdf and word document, some just pdf, and the evaluation write up is just a word document.  I have them all grouped together for sale in the shop.

You can download the students per school for free.  I use it to keep track of where the kids are at each school so that I can find them and know what class, teacher, and psychologist I need to find.

students per school

School OT Forms Included

School checklists and assessments

  • Fine motor and motor skills checklist (2 pages)
  • Fine motor assessment cutting (5 pages)
  • Fine Motor Assessment pencil   (2 pages)
  • OT fine motor handwriting   (4 pages)
  • OT functional school skills checklist (2 pages)
  • School ot parent questionnaire   (1 page)

Evaluation write up and template in word documents

  • ot eval template basic (6 pages)
  • OT eval Summary ideas (2 pages)
  • Standardized Assessments information ideas for writing (22 pages)

School OT management forms

  • OT completed iep tracking
  • OT Contact and Attendance Record
  • OT contact narrative note
  • OT equipment tracking
  • OT home and class program and observations
  • OT iep information sheet
  • OT ieps due per month
  • OT monthly paperwork tracking
  • OT Progress Notes pg1
  • OT Progress Notes pg2
  • OT referral intake form
  • OT Students per school


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