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Scooter Board Rope Pull

Wheeee!! Scooterboards can be such fun, but they are a lot of work. There is some serious upper extremity strengthening going on. Using the rope is good for kids who can’t quite propel themselves on the scooterboard yet. Knots tied in the…
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Here is a therapist who created the fasten-ator.  Her website is, and the page for her fasten-ator is  Her name is Jennifer Dodge.  Here is what she says on her site about her product. “I…
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Twister with a Twist

Twister is a good game to work on motor planning and gross motor skills. My nephew is autistic and he is very motivated by words and writing so we incorporated words into a game of twister to work on his motor planning skills. Put a strip…
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Tea Party

A tea party is fun for both young and old.  It is even more fun when you use a nice china tea set and fancy linens.  It can be really fun and motivating when real food and real drink is used.  Preparation and clean-up is of course a big…
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Quick Tip; Stickers

Put stickers on the client’s forearms to encourage supination when finding the stickers to take them off.

Things I like about being a Therapist

  I don’t have to wear business clothes to work I wear comfortable shoes to work I get to play with kids I use my creativity in my job I get to make and invent things, such as adaptive equipment, splints, corner chairs I work…