UnBuckle Me

At Therapy Fun Zone, we focus a lot on activities for children that develop their skills. However, I was recently contacted by an Occupational Therapist, who has invented a new product to help adults who struggle to unbuckle their child’s car seats. I expect many of you will know someone in your family who can relate. No surprise, since I learned that it requires at least 9 lbs. of force to unbuckle, using only the thumb. This new product is {Read More}

Fine Motor Skills and Typing

When a child has difficulty with handwriting or can’t keep up in class, many people jump to the statement that they can just type instead. But can they? There are a lot of fine motor skills that go into typing, and it takes years to master the skill to be able to type with more speed than it takes to write, so is typing really the answer? Let’s take a look at what fine motor skills are required to type. {Read More}

Working on Following Directions When Out

Going out to the store or out to eat can be a very stressful experience for some parents who have a child with special needs.  A lot of the stress comes from fear of the unknown, the potential for melt-downs, and not knowing whether you can handle all of the random things that may come up while you are out.  Often the kids have the same concerns; fear of the unknown and not knowing if they can handle the random {Read More}

The Roll of OT in Driving Readiness with Adolescents most At Risk

The important role of Pediatric Occupational Therapy in “Driving Readiness” with Adolescents Most At Risk This is a guest post written by Missy Menzes, occupational therapist and founder of Extra Credit! LLC. For teenagers, driving is a sort of rite of passage. It indicates transitioning into adulthood and offers a sense of freedom at various times throughout life. Driving usually starts out as fun or cool for most kids but quickly adds to their functional independence. Teens drive to extracurricular {Read More}

Making Adapted Seating

I have been using coroplast for years to make things out of, and have used it to adapt seating, make clothespin games frames, make guinea pig cages, and to make other things around my house and therapy office.  It is a corrugated plastic, so it is a lot like cardboard, but it is plastic.  I use Tri-wall to make little chairs and trays out of, but the cool thing about the Coroplast is that it is easily cleaned because it {Read More}