Felt Christmas Tree

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Here is a fun little Christmas activity of decorating a Christmas tree with felt ornaments. I got a styrofoam cone from the craft store and wrapped green felt around it. I then cut out some ornament shapes from different colored felt. You could glue the green felt onto the cone, but it actually stays well on its own since the cone is rough.

felt tree 1

The felt ornaments stay on just by placing them like a felt board, but to increase the fine motor requirements, I stuck some of the felt pieces on with pins. Pinning the pieces on is a great fine motor activity, but should be done very carefully due to the pins. You could do just the felt pieces with younger kids.

felt tree 2

You could do this activity without the cones by just cutting out a Christmas tree shape and decorate it. You could also make it into a game by rolling dice which tells you what shape you need to put on the tree (provided you cut your ornaments into shapes). I also think that if you have a group, they could vote at the end on which decorated tree they like best.

felt tree 3


  • Foam cone
  • Colored felt
  • Pins if wanted


  • Fine motor
  • Visual perception
  • Motor planning
  • Bimanual skills


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Tonya is a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and loves creating things to work on skills and solve problems.


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