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Make a Button Snow Man

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Kids like buttoning different things like a pizza, sandwich, and ice cream. I am constantly working on new buttoning activities, and have just finished making a snow man. It is adorable, and perfect for buttoning since there are lots of parts that need buttoning on.


You have to button on the body and head, three coal buttons, arms, mouth, hat, and nose. Such fun to build the snow man out of felt.

To make your own, you just need three sizes of circles for the body, small circles for the buttons, a hat, rectangles for the arms, a small triangle for the nose, and a half circle for the mouth. Oh, and you also need a lot of buttons. I attach the buttons with ribbon, cut button holes, and hot glue around the button holes with a felt back on each piece. You can read about the process of making the button food here, including a little video about making the oreo. You can also find the snowman in the shop.

Here is a cute video of the button snowman being used.


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