Game to Practice Erasing and Writing

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Hey, John, your letters look really good in that sentence, but I am having trouble seeing what you wrote because you didn’t erase the first one you wrote well enough.  Have you ever run into this problem? Is it a struggle to get your kids to erase well enough so that they can fix their work?


A fun game to play that requires some good erasing is to play tic tac toe, but you are only allowed to have three of your marks on the paper at the same time. That means that when you need to put an X in a spot for the fourth time, you have to first erase one of your Xes and then you can put your new x in an empty spot. You can also play the game with any letters, numbers, or shapes.  One person can be hearts, and one is flowers.  Or one person can be H while the other is S. This gives extra practice to letters that may need some help. I use the regular tic tac toe game grid with 3 in a row for younger kids, and for the older kids who need more of a challenge, we do 4 in a row.


The game is great practice for erasing, which for some kids seems to be harder than writing.  You could laminate the pages and use dry erase crayons on the page. The crayons give great resistance and feedback, and then use a Q-tip to erase the marks, which is a great tool to work on those little muscles of the hand. You can download the game grids here.



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