Superman catch

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Scooterboards are great strengthening tools, as are doing supermans. Supermans are an exercise position where you lay on your stomach, put your arms out in front of you and then lift your legs straight up off of the mat, and lift your arms and upper chest off of the mat. This works your core muscles because they all have to be tight in order to hold the position.

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In scooterboard superman catch, you lay on your stomach on a scooterboard facing each other (you could just do it on a mat if you don’t have a scooterboard). Then you throw a light ball, balloon, or in this case, a stuffed animal, back and forth.

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When playing catch in this position, you are working the back, neck, and hip extensors as well as the shoulders.

You can insert this activity into other games, such as going from one point to another and shooting the ball into a basket (or box).


  • Scooterboard (but not necessary)
  • Ball, balloon, or something light to throw


  • Upper extremity strength
  • Core strength
  • Motor planning

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  1. yolanda says:

    Will medicaid pay for scooters and balance seats?

    • I have never heard of them paying for those things as they are not necessary to function. Just good for therapy. I assume you’re talking about scooter boards.

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