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iPad App: Rollercoaster Builder

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I primarily use my iPad as a productivity tool, and type reports on it.  It is very rare that I use it during direct treatment, although I do use it as a reward at the end of a session.  One app that I absolutely love for direct treatment is called Rollercoaster Builder Travel.

rollercoaster builder 1

This app is a great visual perceptual tool.  In the game, you draw the missing roller coaster track, and then send the coaster cars over the tracks.  If you did not draw the tracks to line up correctly, then the coaster will crash.  You then have to go back and try to fix it so that it does not crash.

rollercoaster builder 2

The game gives immediate and motivating feedback on the placement of your lines.  It also requires visual perceptual problem solving.  The Rollercoaster Builder app is one that I have used the most within a therapy session, and I highly recommend it.  It doesn’t hurt that it is free too.  Sometimes the kids will try to make the coaster crash on purpose, but eventually will try to do it the right way (with encouragement),

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  1. I’m considering getting an iPad for report writing, evaluations & IEP’s. Do you prefer it over a laptop? I’m finding ergonomically a laptop is rough on my joints. That would be a great blog post…benefits of an iPad vs Laptop.

    1. I prefer the laptop, but the ipad is so easy to carry around that I use it as my mobile computer. The laptop stays on my desk, whereas the ipad is with me all the time.

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