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Stuck in The Mud Letter Sizes

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School is just starting in my neck of the woods, so with the beginning of the school year, it’s time to start my therapy kids off by making sure that they are on target with their letter sizes. I love using mud paper, and have several different types of stuck in the mud paper, so I made some visuals to help remember the different types of letters.  I also have a whole pack of alphabet practice using the mud paper that you can read about here.


There are the letters that stand tall in the mud, the letters that sit in the mud, and the letters that dig their feet into the mud.

mud letter sizes

For a quick refresher, I made paper for each size (standing, sitting, and digging), and printed them onto magnet paper so that I could put them on the white board. Then I printed all of the letters onto magnet paper and cut each one out.

With a small group of kids, I spread out the letters and had the kids go get a letter and stick it on the right paper on the board. Once they stuck all of the letters in the right spot, I had the kids write them onto mud paper and make sure the letters were the right size. The standing letters have to touch the sky and be stuck in the mud. The sitting letters are short and stuck in the mud, and the digging letters are short and they dig their feet down into the mud.  You can find the Stuck in the Mud Paper in the shop.



  • fine motor
  • handwriting

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