Cardboard Bricks

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These cardboard bricks are a large motor building toy that creates fun during other activities by incorporating the building and knocking down element. The best part about these bricks is that they are so much fun to knock down.

cardboard bricks 3

When building with these bricks, a young child has to use both hands because the bricks are so big. An adult is able to do it one handed, although two hands could be required in the game.

cardboard bricks 2

Building makes you move your whole body because the bricks are so large that you can not physically stay in one place while building. The building process works on visual perception and motor planning.

cardboard bricks 1

I usually use these bricks as a fun motivational tool so that the client gets to knock down the bricks while doing another activity such as scooterboard , Hammock Swing, trapeze swing , bowling, throwing bean bags , walking and kicking, wheelbarrow walking, crab walk, etc.

cardboard bricks 4


  • Upper extremity strengthening
  • Lower extremity strengthening
  • Motor planning
  • Visual perceptual skills
  • Bimanual skills

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