Fishing for letters

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To work on a combination of skills, I made some fish with letters on them, added some pipe cleaner to make it metallic, and made some fishing poles out of pipe cleaner and magnets.  Fishing is a great way to work on bimanual hand skills, fine motor skills, visual perceptual, and motor planning.  I used a Munchy Ball to hold the fish, so we worked on hand strengthening as well.  The letters on the fish helped us work on writing as once they were done with the fishing, they then had to write the letters and words from the letters.


I spread the fish around the room, and then I had the kids just walk to get the letters this time, but many times I like them to use a scooter board to go and get the letters.  A scooter board provides extra motor movements, strengthening, and sensory motor exercise.  They rolled a dice to tell them how many letters to go get, then went fishing.  They caught the fish and put them in the munchy ball and brought them back to the table.  This time I had them just keep the letters in the ball until they had all caught all of the fish.  Once they caught all of the fish, they had the munchy ball spit out the fish, and then it was time to write down their letters.  I had them pick three of their letters to write a word out of.


Here is the download of the fish that are a good size to fit into Munchy Ball’s mouth.





  • bimanual
  • fine motor
  • hand strengthening
  • motor planning
  • visual perception
  • visual motor



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